Sep 05

Frozen Black Cherry Sangria

There are a lot of good margaritas in Scottsdale, AZ. I generally like regular ones but sometimes opt for an interesting flavor like mango or watermelon. When it’s 107° in shade, I also opt for the frozen version.

I anticipated ordering a frozen margarita when we visited Jalapeno’s Inferno for lunch. But something different caught my eye. Would this be another example of cocktail seduction? It was tall and red in a slender glass and, yes, frozen. Our waitress gleefully told me that I would “love it” but I always reserve that high acclaim based on my own judgment.

It happens that I did love it. I was instantly a fan of this frozen, thick, slightly sweetened and so very pretty cocktail. Foremost, the rich aroma and flavor of fine black cherries came through loud and clear. For a moment, I was taken back to my childhood but this was a grown-up slush.

There are a few important tools I use when grading food & beverage. 1) Have I ever had this before? and 2) Is this prepared in a new and unique fashion. The Frozen Black Cherry Sangria got “yes” answers to both. Most importantly, I ask myself if I would have this again and recommend it to you?

I am recommending this restaurant to you if you only order this cocktail. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t get food. The shrimp fajitas that arrived sizzling in my own mini cast iron skillet, were spicy, limey and otherwise delicious. They paired perfectly with the sangria.

Of course, I tried to replicate it at home but it’s not quite the same. I finally got it pretty close with this version.


1 bottle Sauvignon Blanc wine, chilled

16 oz frozen black cherries

¾ cup Monin Black Cherry syrup

½ lime, juiced

½ cup orange juice

About a cup of ice

1-2 Tablespoons sugar to taste

Place all ingredients into blender with ½ cup of ice, blend well. Add additional ice if desired.

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