Nov 25

Pumpkin, Pasta & Pinot

I like traditional food and the leftovers at Thanksgiving; but it’s important to me to mix it up a bit. There’s room in my kitchen to incorporate seasonal flavors, like a new pumpkin recipe, into something exciting.  There is usually not, however, room in my refrigerator for leftovers beyond the time I still find them exciting. I wanted to find something traditional blended with something new.

Pasta is my go-to meal. It just always works for me. It’s high on most people’s “comfort food” list. Whether using the most basic sauce treatment or unusual, surprising sauces, it’s going to appeal to me. So when I discovered the seasonal flavor of pumpkin sauced and poured onto one hot pumpkin pasta recipe, I couldn’t wait to try it. I felt pre-programmed to love the color, aroma and taste.

I collected the ingredients together for Pumpkin Pasta with Bacon. The bacon’s aroma started to fill the kitchen. The rest of the savory ingredients went into the pan. The pasta finished just as the final touches of the sauce came together. The creamy, golden-orange sauce was dripped over the hot pasta and stirred until the fresh herbs released their perfume. We opted for large shavings of parmesan for big parmesan taste. One note, we added toasted pine nuts for crunch.

This pumpkin recipe is a winner in its flavors and color. It’s also quick, beautiful, elegant yet rustic and so delicious.


RiverBench Vineyard & Winery

RiverBench Vineyard & Winery

Best of all, the recipe came with the wine recommendation already in place. Pinot Noir – exactly what I was already thinking. Medium bodied and fruity with a hint of the grassy, farmyard aroma.

Pumpkin, Pasta & Pinot – perfectly paired for a great meal.

For a copy of this recipe, and a great Pinot Noir, visit the website of my friends at RiverBench. https://riverbench.com/pumpkin-pasta/

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