Jan 05

National Soup Month

January is perfectly suited to be National Soup Month. The skies can be clear with frigid cold air or stormy, and dark delivering a fresh blanket of snow on the landscape. The stock pot is coming out!

It’s not surprising that a Frenchman is credited with the first shop specializing in soup. After all the word is French in its roots. Soupe means soup or broth. The cooking method of boiling in a container is an ancient technique. The passion for soup was revisited in a classic Seinfeld episode in the 1990’s. Only proper ordering of his creation was allowed by “The Soup Nazi”.

Making your own soup assures you’ll get your order correct. It’s an added benefit that the house smells great and exudes the warmth needed to get us through those chilly January days. Some soups are deliciously simple; other more complicated. Try a few of our favorites today and don’t forget a toasty sandwich with it!


Creamy Mushroom Soup with Truffles    

Chicken Noodle

Tomato Soup & Grown up Grilled Cheese for 2

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