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Nov 25

Pumpkin, Pasta & Pinot

I like traditional food and the leftovers at Thanksgiving; but it’s important to me to mix it up a bit. There’s room in my kitchen to incorporate seasonal flavors, like a new pumpkin recipe, into something exciting.  There is usually not, however, room in my refrigerator for leftovers beyond the time I still find them …

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Photos with piles of bright juicy perfectly ripe raspberries are awesome. Sometimes one perfect raspberry is all that is needed. But when there are hundreds on the bushes, try making Chocolate-Raspberry Macarons.


One Perfect Raspberry

One Perfect Raspberry

Jan 25

Irish Coffee – Two Inventors?

When you eat your way through a foodie town like San Francisco, you need to take a break. Step out of the cold misty air and recharge for the evening activities. You can do that with a world-famous Irish Coffee from The Buena Vista Café. So warming and so rejuvenating. I loved hearing the story …

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Sep 26

Pancakes for Dinner

What’s for dinner? What are we having? Again?  How many times did you ask this as a child? How many times have you heard these same expressions raising your own kids? The concept of breakfast for dinner, or pancakes for dinner,  is not exactly new. Pancakes go as far back in history as written food …

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Sep 05

Frozen Black Cherry Sangria

There are a lot of good margaritas in Scottsdale, AZ. I generally like regular ones but sometimes opt for an interesting flavor like mango or watermelon. When it’s 107° in shade, I also opt for the frozen version.

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Sep 02

Lime Green

We have our own lime tree. I liked the hopeful concept of having a lime tree.  Lime production has quite an ancient history and continues to supplement cuisines around the world with a bright tang. Could we make this happen? We carefully selected a tree; didn’t do much but water it between rains and feed …

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